Euveris provides professional training and consultancy services across a wide range of areas of public and private sector organisations. We tailor our services to your individual training and development needs to enable you to work efficiently, effectively and in compliance with all laws and regulations.

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Euveris – training and capacity building
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In-house training

If you and several of your work colleagues require training in a specific subject area, you will benefit from our wide variety of comprehensive in-house training programmes as well as flexibility in terms of training agenda, learning methods, speakers, date and venue. Each Euveris in-house training is tailored to fulfil your individual needs.

Study visits

For some professional challenges other organisations have already developed and implemented effective solutions. Individually organised study visits to other organisations give you the perfect opportunity to examine their best practice and to broaden your know-how in your areas of interest in a practical, hands-on way.


If you work on complex topics that require special knowledge, our consulting and coaching services will provide you with the necessary boost in competence, enabling you to work more effectively. Our network of experts consists of specialists with many years of practical experience and the highest level of professional expertise.


Event management

Managing events, such as conferences, exhibitions, seminars or meetings, requires a substantial investment of time from your staff. With Euveris event management your valuable resources remain free for other tasks. Euveris offers you professional and comprehensive event management, from event planning and organisation to execution and follow-up.

Communication services

Would you like to reduce your workload of managing your organisation’s communication projects? Euveris is an experienced provider of communication services including publications, brochures, information materials and PR campaigns. We support you in all communication activities – from planning and designing to copy writing and execution.

Acquire professional knowledge and competence
without having to organise the knowledge transfer yourself

Thematic scope

Complex professional responsibilities often require competence, specialist knowledge and skills across a variety of different subject areas. Euveris provides you with solutions covering a wide range of professional topics – tailor-made for your needs and of high practical relevance.

Our experts

Effective solutions to specific professional challenges are best developed together with experts in your subject area. Rather than search for competent specialists yourself, Euveris offers you access to the in-depth knowledge and experience of our wide network of experts.

About us

Euveris is your single source for all training and professional development services with a focus on practical application. We support you with effective learning methods, sustainable knowledge transfer and capacity building in a wide variety of areas.

Well-balanced topics of high practical relevance, very competent speakers! Head of Unit, Ministry at national level, EU Member State
Despite the complexity of the topic all focus areas have been comprehensively tackled. Head of Unit, Subordinate body, EU Member State

Explore the benefits of professional training and development
provided to you by our network of Euveris experts

Five reasons
to entrust your professional development to Euveris

Increase your work effectiveness.

You will benefit from the practical focus of our solutions. Our approach enables you to implement the acquired knowledge quickly and easily, allowing you to reduce your workload and work more effectively.

Benefit from our network of experts.

You can depend on our deep understanding of the challenges faced by today's public and private sector organisations, based on the broad range of topics and rich practical expertise covered by our network of experts.

Enjoy great value for your money.

You can count on the first-class delivery of solutions that cover all your individual training and competence needs. Delivering the highest value for you in terms of quality and price is the main focus of our performance.


Receive solutions tailored to you needs.

You will benefit from our commitment to delivering solutions that are precisely customised to your training goals. We design services tailor-made for you in exactly the range of knowledge and skills that you wish to acquire.

Get dedicated support from our team.

You will enjoy a high standard of direct communication with our friendly, fast and competent staff. We ensure you will be always be up to date regarding the solutions that are being developed for you.